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Caroline Thonon – Spa Consultant

Caroline Thonon

Caroline Thonon was born in Belgium and is 57 years old. She has 2 daughters and in her childhood, she spends early years of her life in Antwerp for 14 years. Moreover, she is familiar with French and Flemish. She is an outstanding professional known for her accurate professional approach. She has amazing interpersonal abilities owing to which she manages her work and work-related issues with utmost diligence.

Caroline Thonon moved to Switzerland when she was only 14 years old. As she has stayed at various places, she has learned a number of things from her experiences.

Caroline Thonon got her education from Swiss international boarding schools and later attended the University of Geneva. A combination of brain and creativity, Caroline has outperformed in every field she has stepped in so far.

She earned BBA degree from the University of Geneva and later on, she did MBA from University of Dallas, TX.

Caroline Thonon has worked remarkably for international pharmaceutical companies and then started her own company Bosco that is a real estate management. She operated the mentioned company for 16 years.


Caroline Thonon is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Business management
  • Volunteering


Caroline Thonon is available to talk about spa and wellness. She has great experience and can shed light on various aspects of spirituality, nutrition, wellness, business management, operations, volunteering experience, and charity work.

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